YSI 9300 & 9500 Photometers, Accessories, Kits

YSI 9300 and 9500 Photometers Flexible Photometers for the Lab or the Field Eliminate sample preservation by taking your portable, waterproof instruments to the field to perform the analysis on-site. All reagents are safe and easy to use. Selecting the desired test has never been easier. Simply navigate among the list of available tests on the screen (favorite tests stay at the top) of the instrument to choose your test and say “OK”. The instrument will then walk you through the steps to complete the test. Simple. Convenient. Accurate.



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Features (Model 9300 and 9500):

  • Direct-reading concentrations with automatic set up
  • Waterproof; IP-67 (floats)
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • Unique sample tube holder accommodates various diameters
  • On-screen instructions
  • Multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
  • 100+ test choices on the photometer display Additional Features (Model 9500 only): • Waterproof USB connection
  • Power via USB port
  • Internal Memory - 500 sample sets (date and time stamped)
  • User-Selectable Options: test units, sample number, dilution factors

Advanced software built into the 9500 instrument remembers the most recent tests, making it even quicker to use the next time. Connect to a PC via USB and drag and drop the files to transfer data or update instrument software. In addition, the 9500 allows up to 30 user-defined test methods allowing full flexibility in a range of test methods.

Parameters: Alkalinity Aluminum Ammonia Bromine Hardness Chloride Chlorine Chromium Color Copper Cyanuric Acid Dissolved Oxygen Fluoride Hydrazine Hydrogen Peroxide Iron Magnesium Manganese Molybdate Nickel Nitrate Nitrite Organophosphonate Ozone pH PHMB Phenol Phosphate Potassium Silica Sulfate Sulfide Sulfite Zinc

Specifications: Accuracy ±0.5% at 4% transmittance; ±0.005 at 0.3 AU Resolution 0.001 AU Operating Wavelengths 450, 500, 550, 570, 600 and 650 nm Display Graphic, backlit LCD with on-screen instructions Power 3x AA batteries; the 9500 can also be powered via USB Size (WxLxH) 146 x 275 x 75 mm (5.8 x 10.8 x 3 inches) Weight 975 g (2 lbs) Test Cells Automatic adjustment from 12-20 mm diameter

Photometry Replacement Reagents Click Here

Photometer Part Number Description Notes
Photometer Only YPT930, Photometer 9300 Kit, includes carrying case

Photometer Only
YPT950, Photometer 9500 Kit, includes carrying case
Instrument Accessories
YPT285, Cases for 9300
YPT286, Cases for 9500
YPT282, Instruction Manual, Comprehensive 9300 and 9500
YPT745USA, Power Supply, universal 110- 230 VAC, 9300/9500 Adaptors for international receptacles
YPT283, USB Power Supply Unit for Photometry PT745-US
YPT284, USB Waterproof Computer/PSU PT746
Photomertry Accessories
YPT370, 20 ml Syringe Luer, 1 ea.
YPT502, Crush/Stir Rod, 10 ea.
YPT500, DE-ION Pack, up to 5 liters, 1 ea.
YPT512, Dilution Tube, 1 ea.
YPT606, Filter Holder Luer, 1 ea.
YPT600, Filtration Set Luer/GFB, 1 ea.
YPT603, GFB filters, 50 ea.
YPT526, Nitrate Tube, 1 ea. New item. Replaces YPT508.
YPT230, Photometer Color Standards - 1 color std., 1 blank 9000, 9100 only
YPT804, Photometer Color Standards - 3 color std., 1 blank 9300, 9500 only
YPT671, Plastic Tweezers
YPT595, Round Test Tube with Cap, 5 ea.
YPT510, Sample Container, 100 ml, 1 ea.
YPT361, Syringe, 1ml, 1 ea.
YPT663, Test Tube Brush, 1 ea.
YPT501, Test Tube Rack
YPT303, Work Tray
Photometry Reagent Starter Kits (Includes reagents, instructions and accessories for 50 tests)
YPM152, Ammonia
YAT1707, Ammonia Conditioning Reagent, 50 tests
YPM060, Bromine
YPM252, Calcium Hardness
YPM268, Chloride
YPM052, Chlorine Dioxide (DPD Glycine Method)
YPM065, Chlorine Dioxide HR (Lissamine Green B)
YPM064, Chlorine Dioxide LR (Lissamine Green B)
YPM041, Chlorine DPD4
YPM011, Chlorine DPD-Free Includes DPD 1
YPM031, Chlorine DPD-Free, Combined and Total includes DPD 1 and DPD 3
YPM021, Chlorine DPD-Free, Monochloramine & Dichloramine Included DPD 2. Also order YPM 011
YPM162, Chlorine HR
YPM281, Chromium, hexavalent
YPM186, Copper
YPM087, Cyanuric Acid
YPL553, Dissolved Oxygen (0.0-0.8 vials) 30 tests
YPL503, Dissolved Oxygen (0.0-2.0 vials) 30 tests
YPM179, Fluoride
YPM254, Hardness
YPM103, Hydrazine
YPM105, Hydrogen Peroxide HR
YPM104, Hydrogen Peroxide LR
YPM156, Iron HR
YPM155, Iron LR
YPM292, Iron MR
YPM193, Magnesium
YPM173, Manganese
YPM175, Molybdate HR
YPM258, Molybdate LR
YPM284, Nickel
YPM163, Nitrate Nitratest
YPM109, Nitrite-N Nitracol
YPM260, Nitrite-NaNO2 Nitraphot
YPM262, Organophosphonate
YPM056, Ozone
YPM130, pH (Phenol Red)
YPM287, Phenols
YPM114, Phosphate HR
YPM177, Phosphate LR
YPM189, Potassium
YPM181, Silica
YPM290, Silica HR
YPM154, Sulfate
YPM168, Sulfide
YPM266, Sulfite
YPM269, Turbidity (Includes Color)
YPM148, Zinc