Photometry Replacement Reagents - YSI 9300 & 9500



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Photometry Replacement Reagents
Part Number (250 tests per pack, except as noted)
YAP188, Alkalinity, Total
YAP250, Alkalinity-Methol orange
YAP251, Alkalinity-Phenolphthalein
YAP166, Aluminum
YAP152, Ammonia
YAP060, Bromine
YAP252, Calcium Hardness
YAP268, Chloride
YAP052, Chlorine Dioxide (DPD Glycine Method)
YAP065, Chlorine Dioxide HR (Lissamine Green B)
YAP064, Chlorine Dioxide LR (Lissamine Green B)
YAP041, Chlorine DPD4
YAP011, Chlorine DPD-Free Includes DPD 1
YAP031, Chlorine DPD-Free, Combined and Total includes DPD 1 and DPD 3
YAP021, Chlorine DPD-Free, Monochloramine & Dichloramine Included DPD 2. Also order YPM 011
YAP162, Chlorine HR
YAP281, Chromium, hexavalent
YAP186, Copper
YAP187, Copper (free)
YAP087, Cyanuric Acid
YAP179, Fluoride, 200 tests per pack
YAP254, Hardness
YAP103, Hydrazine
YAP105, Hydrogen Peroxide HR
YAP104, Hydrogen Peroxide LR
YAP156, Iron HR
YAP155, Iron LR
YAP292, Iron MR
YAP193, Magnesium
YAP173, Manganese
YAP175, Molybdate HR
YAP258, Molybdate LR
YAP284, Nickel
YAP163, Nitrate, 200 test per pack (Nitratest)
YAP109, Nitrite-N (Nitracol)
YAP260, Nitrite-NaNO2 (Nitraphot)
YAP262, Organophosphonate
YAP056, Ozone
YAP130, pH (Phenol Red)
YAP287, Phenols
YAP114, Phosphate HR
YAP177, Phosphate LR, 200 tests per pack
YAP189, Potassium
YAP290, Silica HR
YAP181, Silica, 200 tests per pack
YAP154, Sulfate
YAP168, Sulfide, 200 tests per pack
YAP266, Sulfite
YAP148, Zinc