YSI ProQuatro Handheld & Accessories

The ProQuatro handheld multiparameter meter measures a variety of combinations of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature. Also a very powerful lab instrument for BODs, pH and ORP. 

Combine 4 sensors on a single cable for comprehensive multiparameter sampling to measure temperature/conductivity, DO, and any two ISEs among pH, ORP, ammonium, chloride, or nitrate. Pairing the ProQuatro with the 4-port cable creates an extremely powerful handheld multiparameter water quality instrument.  The Mil-spec connectors, rubber over-molded case, scratch-resistant lens come with a 3-year warranty, and a 2-year cable warranty.

The ProQuatro has a new USB feature to allow for on-the-go data documentation. Cable options range from 1-, 4-, 10-, 20-, and 30-meter choices (up to 100-meters on DO only cables). YSI6950 is the handheld ONLY, select from the additional part numbers for optional sensors, cable assemblies, and accessories. 

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