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When the environment demands it. 

With 21 parameter options and several cable configurations to choose from, the ProDSS is ideal for nearly any application - surface water, groundwater, coastal waters, aquaculture, and wastewater (field or lab). 



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Rugged Handheld

  • Easy-to-read color and backlit display can be used in any lighting condition
  • Scratch-resistant screen is viewable with polarized glasses
  • Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures reliability in the field and minimizes waste
  • Waterproof (IP-67) rubber over-molded casing
  • Simple interface and a dedicated “Help” Button
  • Ergonomic design for optimal handling and portability
  • Optional GPS for geo-referencing data
  • 3-year warranty The ProDSS Handheld can withstand the harshest field conditions and handling, with maximum versatility and functionality.

Smart Sensors The 4-Port ProDSS cable uses digital Smart Sensors for fast, easy setup and storage, and highest quality data.

  • Smart Sensors: any sensor in any port
  • Traceable calibrations stored in sensor — recalibration not required if moved to another port or another instrument
  • Sensors are auto-recognized upon installation
  • Replaceable sensor modules and ODO cap reduces maintenance and cost of operation
  • Highly-ruggedized, welded titanium sensor body
  • 2-year warranty

Water Quality Parameters: Dissolved Oxygen (Optical) Turbidity pH ORP/Redox Conductivity Specific Conductance Salinity Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Resistivity Seawater Density Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Depth GPS Coordinates Ammonium Ammonia Chloride Nitrate Temperature Barometric Pressure Total Algae Chlorophyll

Reliable Cables

Not just a power cord! ProDSS cables minimize electrical noise and signal degradation over any cable length.

  • Single-line design for easy handling in the field
  • MS (Military Spec) locking connector for secure connection during sampling
  • Cable lengths up to 100 meters
  • Sensor guard weights for vertical profiling and stability in strong currents
  • 2-year warranty

Powerful Data Management - ProDSS Handheld

  • Store over 100,000 data sets, up to 100 sites, and 100 data tags to the Handheld
  • Store up to 400 calibration records
  • On-The-Go Micro USB lets you retrieve data anytime with a USB stick 7 

KorDSS ProDSS Handheld

  • Powerful KorDSS software is included with all systems
  • Use to transfer instrument configurations to multiple Handhelds
  • Transport data directly from handheld or USB
  • Conduct real-time studies
  • Enhance data with site images