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YSI 5200A Multiparameter Monitor & Control Continuous Water Quality, Feeding, and Process Control Engineered specifically for tank-based systems, the YSI 5200A Continuous Monitor and AquaManager® Software can be used to integrate process control, feeding, alarming and data management into one product or can be used to simply monitor one tank. Powerful enough to manage a full-scale farming operation from anywhere in the world yet simple enough for anyone to use.

Part Number
  • Multiparameter: DO, Temperature, Conductivity, pH, ORP, Salinity
  • Ethernet TCP/IP or wireless communications - optional
  • Event logging records calibrations, high and low conditions, etc
  • Conditional feed timer with Feed SmartTM software included
  • Networking capability up to 32 instruments per communications port or can be integrated with 5400 (galvanic) and/or 5500D (optical) MultiDO monitors
  • Graphic interface function for quick, reliable system status checks
  • Plug-and-play…easy to install, setup and maintain; no need to hire consultants
  • Flexible dosing and control software
  • E-mail and SMS alarming
  • AquaViewer app available for easy access to view data at any time


The standard conditional feed timer, Feed SmartTM, manages food delivery based on user’s preset criteria. Manage feed delivery based on user-selectable inputs for the number of daily feedings, daily feed weights, total biomass and feed conversion ratios (FCRs), along with parameter control based on water quality values. Interfaces with most auto feeders. Optional AquaManager® desktop software allows you to view, configure, or setup instruments from the convenience of one central location. Instantly see an overview of your facility, manage parameter set points, and conveniently manage data to make informed operational decisions. The facility mapping feature provides an immediate overview of all ponds or tanks indicating their current state.

Parameters: Dissolved Oxygen (electrochemical) pH ORP/Redox Conductivity Specific Conductance Salinity Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Temperature

Applications: • Recirculating systems • Raceways • Ponds • Sea cages • Live haul • Aquariums • Research • Tanks

Manufacturer Specifications

Part Number Description Notes Additional Information
Monitor Only YSI5200A-DC Multiparameter Aquaculture Monitor 12VDC
Power supply not included. Order cable/probe separately
Monitor Only YSI5200A-AC Multiparameter Aquaculture Monitor 110-230VAC, w/115VAC US Cord
Order cable/probe separately
Expansion Modules
YSIIOEM-4 Four Channel Networkable module that has four (4) analog I/O channels
YSIIOEM-8 Eight Channel Networkable module that has four (8) analog I/O channels
YSIREM-4 Four Channel Networkable module that has four (4) relay outputs
YSI6513 Weather shield
YSI6514 Rail mount kit
Cable/Probe Assemblies
YSI5561-4 4 M Cable with POL DO/Temp
YSI5561-10 10 M Cable with POL DO/Temp
YSI5561-20 20 M Cable with POL DO/Temp
YSI5561-30 30 M Cable with POL DO/Temp
YSI5562-4 4 M Cable and POL DO/Temp/Cond
YSI5562-10 10 M Cable with POL DO/Temp/Cond
YSI5562-20 20 M Cable with POL DO/Temp/Cond
Sensors and Accessories
YSI559 Replacement POL DO Sensor 5561 Cables
YSI5564 pH Sensor Kit pH Buffer Solution Required
5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5564A 5564A Amplified pH Sensor
5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5564 A Kit 5564A Amplified pH Sensor Kit* 5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5565 pH/ORP sensor Kit pH & ORP Buffer Solution Required (Zobell Solution)
5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5565A 5565A Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor
5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5564A Kit 5565A Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor Kit* 5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5560 Conductivity, Temp Probe
5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI3059 Flow Cell, Standard, 203 mL
5562-x cable for 5200 or 5200A
YSI5511 Probe Maintenance Kit, Polarographic 5200 or 5200A
YSI606941 Opto-Isolator 5200A, 5400 and 5500
YSI606942 Power Supply,115VAC, Opto-Isolator 606941
YSI606943 Power Supply,230VAC, Opto-Isolator 606941
YSI5402 Internal Serial to Ethernet Device Kit
5200A, 5400, 5500
YSI5204 DO Membrane Kit, 2 Mil Teflon (6 each includes electrolyte) (gray cap) 5200 and 5200A
YSI5909 Cap Membrane Kit 2.00 mil PE (6 each) includes electrolyte (blue cap) 556,5200,5200A
YSI5205 Probe Mounting Kit 5200 and 5200A
YSI6505 Weather Shield
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5500
YSI6506 Desiccant Kit
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5500
YSI6509 Panel Mount Kit
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5500
YSI6510 Panel Mount Kit
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5500
YSI065926UL Conduit Fitting, Large 1" (for Optional Conduit Mount)
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5501
YSI5579 12-Volt Power Supply, 115 VAC Input
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5502
YSI5578 12-Volt Power Supply, 230 VAC Input
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5503
YSI606100 230 VAC Cord, European
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5504
YIS606101 230 VAC Cord, UK
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5505
YIS606102 230 VAC Cord, Australia
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5506
Desktop Software
YSI5209A Software, AquaManager, Single and Network Use
5200, 5200A, 5400, 5500
Calibrataor Solutions/Standards
YSI3161 Conductivity Calibrator, 1,000 umhos/cm (quart) Fresh Water
YSI3163 Conductivity Calibrator, 10,000 umhos/cm (quart) Brackish Water
YSI3165 Conductivity Calibrator, 100,000 umhos/cm (quart)
Supersaturated Sea Water
YSI3167 Conductivity Calibrator, 1,000 umhos/cm (8 ea, pint) Fresh Water
YSI3160 Conductivity Calibrator Solution 1413 umhos/CM, +/- 1% (.01 MOLAR KCL)
(8 ea, pint)
YSI3169 Conductivity Calibrator, 50,000 umhos/cm (8 ea, pint) Sea Water
YSI3682 Zobell Solution, ORP Calibrator 125 mL
YSI061321 Zobell Solution, ORP Calibrator 250 mL
YSI061322 Zobell Solution, ORP Calibrator 500 mL
YSI3821 pH 4 Buffer (box of 6 pints)
YSI3822 pH 7 Buffer (box of 6 pints)
YSI3823 pH 10 Buffer (box of 6 pints)
YSI3824 pH Buffer, Assorted Case
2 ea pints of 4, 7, 10