TMC System 2500 Marine

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A complete, compact, plug and play recirculation
filtration system (RAS) for use in saltwater applications.
Ideally suited for hatcheries, research facilities, retail shops,
shellfish holding systems, as well as public aquaria displays
and quarantine systems.
• Small space saving design incorporating mechanical, biological
and UV filtration, as well as a high-performance venturi driven
protein skimmer.
• New energy saving design, with the entire filtration system
being run off a single pump.
• Water flow to the livestock tanks supplied via a double pass
UV for effective sterilisation.
• Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, PVC and acrylic
components, suitable for marine environments.
• Robust, double walled and fully insulated reservoir.
• Can be re-assembled in a matter of hours without any
specialist tools.
• Manufactured in the UK. Included
605 litre Pallet Reservoir
Mechanical bag filter unit
supplied with 100-micron
filter bags
Fluidised Sand Tower
TBT5200 Re-gassing/
Trickling Bio-Tower
PSW5200 Protein Skimmer,
incl. internal and external
wash kits
330W UV Steriliser
AV150 Filtration pump
Available separately
Livestock supply pump
Automatic wash down kits
for the Protein Skimmer
Ozone Generator with Redox Controller
Ozone Monitor
Heater with
digital thermostat
UV Bypass
Additional pressurised
mechanical filtration
Additional reservoir
Pipe and fittings