TMC System 2500 Freshwater

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A complete, compact, plug and play recirculation filtration
system (RAS) for use in freshwater applications. Ideally suited
for hatcheries, research facilities, retail shops, as well as public
aquaria displays and quarantine systems.
• Small space saving design incorporating mechanical, biological
and UV filtration, as well as an in line media reactor (suitable for
use with media such as carbon).
• New energy saving design, with the entire filtration system being
run off a single pump.
• Water flow to the livestock tanks supplied via a double pass UV
for effective sterilisation.
• Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, PVC and acrylic
components, suitable for marine environments.
• Robust, double walled and fully insulated reservoir.
• Can be re-assembled in a matter of hours without any
specialist tools.
• Manufactured in the UK. Included
605 litre Pallet Reservoir
Mechanical bag
filter unit supplied with 100 micron filter bags
FST5200 Fluidised
Sand Tower
TBT5200 Re-gassing/
Trickling Bio-Tower
In-line Media Reactor
330W UV Steriliser
AV75 Filtration pump
Available separately
Livestock supply pump
Heater with
digital thermostat
UV Bypass
Additional pressurised
mechanical filtration
Additional reservoir
Pipe and fittings