TMC Shellfish Depuration System

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This unit is based on the Seafish standard design for a small-scale
shallow tank depuration system and was designed for the purification
and holding of molluscs, based on trials at a number of commercial
purification centres around the UK.

• Robust and food grade container, with its double walled foam filled
(HDPE) construction offering excellent insulation properties.
• Low maintenance and is easy to clean.
• Drainage port in each of the corners, allowing complete and easy draining.
• The unit can be filled via the UV steriliser using the multi-stage hosetail.
• The pump is 100% waterproof and can supply a water flow rate of up to
28 litres per minute.
• Flow meter and a ball valve included to easily water flow adjustment.
• Can hold 6 stackable baskets, with open mesh sides and bottoms
allowing excellent water flow characteristics (not supplied).

Available separately Stacking Trays
Ozone Generator with Redox Controller
Key to remove corner drain plugs
Adaptor fitting for corner drain outlet