Sensaphone Water Detection

Sensaphone Water Sensors Part Numbers:

Water Detection: S-WS

Float switch: S-FS

Dual Flow & Temp: S-DS1;S-DS4 



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The water detection sensor (S-WS) detects the presence of water on a horizontal surface. The device is compatible with any Sensaphone monitoring system. It can be used to detect leaks in homes or facilities. The sensor is independently powered by internal lithium batteries. The batteries should last for approximately 3-5 years. When the batteries start to run down, the sensor will automatically dial out an alarm when no water is present. Multiple sensors can be wired in series to a single input. The sensor is set as a normally open contact.

The S-FA float switch is a plastic side mounted float switch.  It is cost effective for level control applications in small tanks where it is more convenient to install a level switch through the sidewall of the tank. This style float switch can be rotated for Normally Open or Normally Closed operation. Combine two switches at different levels for high and low level or pump control or alarming.

The Sensaphone Dual Flow and Temperature Sensor, (S-DS1, S-DS4) will measure and provide real time flow rates to any Sensaphone that accepts a 4-20mA signal. When the flow rate falls outside of the Sensaphone’s programmed high or low limit, the user will receive an alarm which displays or reads the current flow rate. The sensor can be used to detect and measure the flow of oil, water, glycol and air in internal pipe diameters up to 10”. A simple pushbutton menu allows the sensor to be programmed to fit your application setpoints. Switching, frequency or analog outputs are also selectable. Designed with an integrated digital display, values may be set in green or red for indicating if process values are within range or if limits have been exceeded.

Two sensors are available: 1" fits pipes from .5” to 4”, and a 4" probe fits 3.5" to 10" pipes.

Water Detection Sensor

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Dual Flow and Temperature Sensor