Sensaphone Temperature Sensors

Available Sensaphone temperature sensors include:

Immersion temperature sensor: Part Number S-TP.

Combination temp, humidity, CO2 sensor: Part Number S-CS.

Humidity sensor: Part Number S-HS.



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The 10K Immersion temperature sensor measures temperatures inside a pipe from -40° to 221℉ | -40° to 105℃. It’s constructed of brass WEL-B thermowell (which screws into a customer-supplied 0.5” NPT saddle or Thredolet® fitting in a pipe). It fits into a thermowell via a brass 0.125” NPT fitting. 

The Sensaphone Combination Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensor will measure and provide real time values to any Sensaphone that accepts a 4-20mA or Modbus signal. When any of the monitored conditions fall outside of the Sensaphone’s programmed high or low limits, the user will receive an alarm which displays or reads the current value. All sensors are encapsulated in filtered sensor pods that are field replaceable. Features include an LCD for configuration and visual indication, various output signal types, optional relays for alarm indication. An IP65 rated enclosure that can be either wall mounted on suspend from the ceiling is provided to protect against moisture penetration. A 24V DC power supply is required to power the sensor.

The humidity sensor is a space mount, low profile humidity transducer that transmits actual humidity levels to a Sensaphone for programmable high and low alarm limits. The device can be used with any Sensaphone that supports 4-20mA inputs. The 24V DC power supply is required unless used with the SCADA 3000.

Immersion Temperature Sensor Brochure

Combination Temperature Brochure

Humidity Sensor