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Sensaphone 400-800 Systems

Auto Dialer Temperature Alarm Provides Instant Notifications. The Sensaphone 400 & 800 Monitoring Systems offer small-business owners, vacation property owners, and other property managers an easy and inexpensive way to monitor a remote facility.

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Features simple, convenient, cost-effective remote monitoring for vacation homes and property managers. Record custom voice alerts and receive alarm messages in your own voice. Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications over standard telephone lines. Notifies up to four people by voice phone call in the event of an alarm. Up to four or eight external sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water, and more. Included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity. Temperature-sensing range of -20° to 150°F | -30° to 65°C. Use a dual setback thermostat to control temperature between two set points.

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