Parabolic Screen Filter

Wedge Wire Screen Sieve Active 12.000 gravity version

Fiap Wedge Wire Screen Sieve Active is a low-maintenance and space-saving filter, which facilitates
water treatment in recirculation systems and cultivation tanks.

  • Gravity Deployment
  • Excellent filtering performance
  • Effective oxygenation beneath the Fiap Wedge Wire Screen Sieve Active
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Reliable removal of dirt particles > 300 u
  • Energy and water-saving
  • Low nitrate and phosphate concentration due to the separation of direct and fences from the water
  • cycle

FLOWRATE: 12,500 lph - 3305 gph
DIMENSION: 625 x 250 x 850 mm - 24.6” x 9.8” x 33.4”



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Effective mechanical water treatment by FIAP Spalt Active removal mud extractor.

The low-maintenance and effective pre-filters FIAP Spalt Active make the removal of dirt particles from the water cycle a breeze. With their large high-performance wedge wire sieve (FIAP SpaltSieb Active), these mechanical coarse dirt filters facilitate the removal of solids from 300 microns on from your pond water. Thereby, effective biological water treatment can proceed without overloading subsequent biological filter media. FIAP Spalt Active filters are ideal in combination with the FIAP Module Active Filter System.

PART NUMBER Parabolic Screen Filter
2852 Parabolic Screen Filter 62.5cm x 25cm x 85cm 300 Micron
Replacement Screen
2851-2 Removable Wedge Wire Screen (300 micron )
12.000 gravity