MMB Bioreactor Filtration


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This moving media biofilter manages as much as 12 kilograms of feed per cubic meter. Which equals 440 grams of total ammonia-nitrogen (TAN) per cubic meter of media per day.  The MMB is a non pressurized biofilter that is much less sensitive to flow rate variations and power interruptions than fluidized bed sand and trickle style biofilters. When operated in low-head recirculating systems, it can easily be sunk into the floor to reduce the pump pressure.  If installed this way, only a few inches of head loss will occur across the MMB. Because air is used to circulate the media, the MMB both adds oxygen and strips carbon dioxide. A hood can be placed over the bioreactor to vent the CO2 outdoors. Air diffuser depth can be adjusted for compatibility with your blower/compressor. MMB’s come complete with media. Compress air connections are ½” slip.  Air pump not included. We can also custom build larger sizes. 

Part Number Tank Vol (Gal) DxH (Inches) Media Max. (Ft3) Flowrate (Gpm) Req’d Air Flow (Cfm) In/Out (Inches) Feed (Lbs/day)
MMB2.5 35 18x33 2.5 3-9 1 1.25 1.5-3
MMB3 40 18x36 3 3-10 1 1.25 2-4
MMB5 70 23x43 5 7-20 1.5 2 3-6
MMB7 94 21.5x62 7 10-30 2 3 4-9
MMB12 170 31x57 12 17-50 3 3 7-15
MMB25 323 47x50 25 25-90 4.5 4 15-30
MMB35 480 47x71 35 40-200 4.5 6 20-45

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