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Lifestar MV Series Replacement Parts

Part Number
Part Number Description Reference Part #
1AXP3000UNKIT Union Connector Kit (Includes Union Nut, Union Connector, Union Gasket – 2 each) 1
1AXP3000UG Union Gasket 2
1AXP3000DLS Strainer Cover Kit (Includes Strainer Cover, Lock Ring, O-Ring) 4
1AX4000S Strainer Cover O-Ring 5
1AXP3000M Strainer Basket 6
1AXP3000Z3 Strainer Housing Flange Bolt/Washer – 4 each 7
1AXP343V70 Strainer Housing Flange O-Ring 8
1AXP3000A Pump Housing with Drain Plug 9
1AXP338V60 Diffuser O-Ring 10
1AX2700Z3S1AAK4 Diffuser Screws (4 Pack) 11
1AXP3000B Diffuser, 2 - 5 HP 12
1AXP3000B2 Diffuser, 7 HP 12
1AX3200Z1 Impeller Screw 13
1AXP3000R Impeller Ring, 2 - 5 HP 14
1AXP3001R Impeller Ring, 7 HP 14
1AXP3020C 2 HP Impeller with Impeller Screw 15
1AXP3030C 3 HP Impeller with Impeller Screw 15
1AXP3050C 5 HP Impeller with Impeller Screw 15
1AXP3070C 7 HP Impeller with Impeller Screw 15
1AX3SESSA Shaft Seal Assembly 16
1AXP369V70 Pump Housing O-Ring 17
1AXP3000E Seal Plate 18
1AX3200Z211FC Housing Insert/Seal Plate Spacer Need to order 6 each 19
1AX3200Z3 Housing Bolt Need to order 6 each 20
1AX3200Z34PAK4 Motor Bolt (4 Pack) 21
1AX4000FG Drain Plug with O-Ring 22
1AXP3000F Pump Housing Base 23
1AXP3000G Motor Support Base 24
1AX1600Z5S1AAK7 Base Screws (7 Pack) 25
1AXP3000N251 Right and Left Side Plate Set 26
1AXP3020Z1M Motor, 2HP, Single Phase 208-230V
1AXP3030Z1M Motor, 3HP, Single Phase 208-230V
1AXP3050Z1M Motor, 5HP, Single Phase 208-230V
1AXP3020Z1D Motor, 2HP, Three Phase 208-230/460V
1AXP3030Z1D Motor, 3HP, Three Phase 208-230/460V
1AXP3050Z1D Motor, 5HP, Three Phase 208-230/460V
1AXP3075Z1D Motor, 7HP, Three Phase 208-230/460V