Genesys Pumps & Accessories

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The GENESYS® non-metallic, end-suction centrifugal pump line is designed and engineered to provide highly efficient pumping solutions. The composite construction with the option of no wetted metal parts gives it compatibility with many aggressive chemistries.

Pumps are engineered to your specifications. 

Genesys 3×2-6 Model Click for Manufacture Specifications

Genesys 4×3-9 Model Click for Manufacture Specifications

Genesys Fluidtrol Strainer

This non-metallic Fluidtrol strainer is great for aquatics, general water and industrial applications. The standard strainers feature a unique seamless cast design that can be customized for Genesys® pump applications requiring integral access ports and FTP stands.

These basket strainers are available in corrosion-resistant plastics such as PVC, CPC, PP and PVDF, as well as fiberglass. All offer greater temperature resistance and chemical compatibility than traditional iron, steel and bronze strainers.