Ecosense ODO200M Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Temp, Instrument & Accessories

EcoSense® ODO200M Optical DO/Temperature Accurate, economical, handheld dissolved oxygen instrument with optical sensor technology The YSI EcoSense® instruments provide accurate data in the most affordable package. The "M" stands for memory and the instruments feature a real-time clock, larger memory and simple data transfer to a PC with a built-in USB port.



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The ODO200M's optical sensor is easy-to-use and provides accurate data without the hassle of membrane changes and frequent calibrations. The ODO200M simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen and temperature with the following features:

  • Rugged, waterproof, field-worth case. IP-67 rated.
  • Durable field probe and cables made in the USA. 1-, 4- and 10-meter cables available.
  • Waterproof micro-USB port for transferring data to PC; no software required.
  • Holds 250 data sets; no need to write down data.
  • Real-time clock for date/time stamp of saved data.
  • User-selectable re-calibration prompt provides reminder to calibrate.
  • Automatic temperature compensation; manual input for salinity and barometric pressure compensation.
  • 1-year warranty on instrument, probe/cable and sensor cap.
  • Replaceable optical sensor cap with 1-year warranty (12-18 month expected life).

The ODO200M is designed for quick, accurate measurements at an affordable price. The maintenance-free optical dissolved oxygen sensor and easy-to-use handheld make the ODO200M ideal for many applications.


Dissolved Oxygen (optical) % and mg/L Temperature °C

Optical benefits include:

  • no stirring required
  • no warm-up time
  • no electrolyte solution
  • no electrode maintenance
  • no membranes
  • no interference from gases such as hydrogen sulfide
  • less frequent calibration

Manufacturer Specifications 

Part Number Description Compatible With
Instrument Only YSIODO200M EcoSense Optical Dissolved Oxygen and Temp Instrument
Probe, Cables and Accessores
YSIEcoODO-01 EcoSense Optical DO and Temp Field Probe, 1M Cable ODO200, ODO200M
YSIEcoODo-04 EcoSense Optical DO and Temp Field Probe, 4M Cable ODO200, ODO200M
YSIEcoODO-10 EcoSense Optical DO and Temp Field Probe, 10M Cable ODO200, ODO200M
YSIODO200-CAP Sensor Cap Kit, EcoSense ODO200
ODO200, ODO200M
YSI282 Carrying Case, Hard Plastic w/Form Fitted Foam Insert 12.5x9.5x3.7
ODO200, ODO200M
ODO200M kits
YSIODO200MCC-01 EcoSense Kit with ODO200, 1M Probe and Case
YSIODO200MCC-04 EcoSense Kit with ODO200, 4M Probe and Case
YSIODO200MCC-10 EcoSense Kit with ODO200, 10M Probe and Case