Ecosense EC300A Conductivity, Temp, Instrument & Accessories

EcoSense EC300A Conductivity/Temperature Accurate, economical, handheld measurements The EcoSense® line of compact, handheld instruments provides the most accurate data in the most affordable format. The instruments feature an easy-to-use interface, one-hand operation, IP67 waterproof case, and low cost of ownership over the life of the product.



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The EC300A simultaneously measures conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and temperature with the following features:

  • IP67 Waterproof housing
  • 1-year instrument warranty
  • Rugged, weighted probe assembly
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • 4- and 10-meter field cables available
  • Low battery indicator with 500 hour battery life
  • Super-stable, four-electrode conductivity cell designed for the field
  • Auto shutoff function after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • 50 data set memory

The EC300A is designed for quick, accurate results in an economical platform. The ability to measure conductivity, salinity, TDS and temperature in a simple, compact handheld allows the instrument to be used across multiple application sampling strategies. With a one-year instrument and electrode warranty, waterproof case and ease-of-use, the EC300A will fit your needs.

Parameters: Conductivity Specific Conductance Salinity Temperature TDS (total dissolved solids)

Manufacturer Specifications

Part Number Description Compatible With
Instrument Only YSIEC300A Conductivity,TDS, Salinity,Temp Instrument Only Instrument Only
Probes and Cables
YSI300-1 Conductivity/Temp Probe and 1M Cable EC300, EC300A, EC300M
Probe and Cable only
YSI300-4 Conductivity/Temp Probe and 4M Cable EC300, EC300A, EC300M
Probe and Cable only
YSI300-10 Conductivity/Temp Probe and 10M Cable EC300, EC300A, EC300M
Probe and Cable only
ECO300A Kits
YSIEC300ACC-01 Kit, EC300A, 1M Probe/Cable and Carrying Case
YSIEC300ACC-04 Kit, EC300A, 4M Probe/Cable and Carrying Case
YSIEC300ACC-10 Kit, EC300A, 10M Probe/Cable and Carrying Case
Carry Case
YSI380A Carrying Case, Hard Plastic w/Form Fitted Foam Insert 12.5x9.5x3.7