Ecosense DO200M Dissolved Oxygen, Temp, Instrument & Accessories

EcoSense® DO200M Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Accurate, economical, handheld instrument The YSI EcoSense® instruments provide accurate data in the most affordable package. The "M" stands for memory and the instruments feature a real-time clock, larger memory and simple data transfer to a PC with a built-in USB port. The DO200M is easy-to-use and has a fast measurement response, allowing you to collect accurate data within seconds.



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The DO200M simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen (% air saturation or mg/L) and temperature with the following features:

  • Rugged, waterproof, field-worthy case. IP-67 rated.
  • Durable field probe and cables made in the USA. 1-, 4- and 10-meter field cables available.
  • Self-stirring laboratory BOD probe, made in the USA.
  • Waterproof micro-USB port for transferring data to PC; no software required.
  • Holds 250 data sets; no need to write down data.
  • Real-time clock for date/time stamp of saved data.
  • User-selectable re-calibration prompt provides reminder to calibrate.
  • Automatic temperature compensation; manual input for salinity and barometric pressure compensation.
  • 1-year warranty on instrument and probe/cable assembly.
  • Screw-on cap membranes with a low stirring requirement and the fastest response time available.

The DO200M is designed for quick, accurate results in an economical platform. The ability to measure DO and temperature in a simple, compact handheld allows the instrument to be used across multiple field applications. Also suitable for the lab, the optional BOD probe can be used for compliance reporting of DO, BOD, and CBOD.

Manufacturer Specifications

Part Number Description Compatible With
Instrument Only YISDO200M Dissolved Oxygen and Temp Instrument Only
Probe and Cables
YSI200-1 DO and Temp Field Probe and 1M Cable DO200/DO200A
YSI200-4 DO and Temp Field Probe and 4M Cable DO200/DO200A
YSI200-10 DO and Temp Field Probe and 10M Cable DO200/DO200A
YSI200-BOD Stirring BOD Probe, 115V, 5 ft. DO200/DO200A
YSI200-BOD-230V Stirring BOD Probe, 230V DO200/DO200A
DO200M Kits
YSIDO200MCC-01 EcoSense Kit, DO200M, 1M Probe/Cable and Carrying Case
YSIDO200MCC-04 EcoSense Kit, DO200M, 4M Probe/Cable and Carrying Case
YSIDO200MCC-10 EcoSense Kit, DO200M, 10M Probe/Cable and Carrying Case
Carrying Cases
YSI280A Carrying Case, Hard Plastic w/Form Fitted Foam Insert 12.5x9.5x3.7 DO200A, DO200M