Degassing and Segmented Packed Columns


Use degassing columns for adding oxygen and/or removing nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide. In most areas, well water (ground water) needs both aeration and degassing. A packed column is usually the best way to do it. Oxygen can be taken up to near saturation levels as the undesirable gases are stripped out.


Our unique packed columns are simple, economical, and the result of extensive research and development by the Canadian government. No energy input and no moving parts accounts for the simplicity and low cost. Highly recommended.

Quality Engineering

Each segment is made of durable UV-inhibited, high-density polyethylene for outdoor use. It has been engineered and molded with a series of internal angles to produce the ideal flow pattern to prevent wall channelization.

Installations and Features

Install the proper number of segments to achieve the water quality you need. You can feed the top segment as much as 150 gpm with excellent aeration and gas stripping results.

Each segment has a heavy bracket molded in, which fits onto our optional hanger. The 6” high, 4” wide hanger is made of heavy fiberglass, I-beam style, predrilled and complete with bolts. Snap the segments onto the hanger and either hang it from the ceiling or support it on the tank wall or attach to a post. The water to be treated is “dumped” in the top and exits directly into your tank. Each segment should be filled with 0.6 cubic feet of biomedia, which is sold separately. We recommend the BF4 random packed media.



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