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(20)-1g Tablet makes 0.005% (50ppm) Cleanbayfresh solution in 1 Liter water. The concentration is good for all daily application. Sold in 20 tablet pack.

Cleanbay is proud to introduce our Cleanbay Fresh Tablet (1g) specifically designed to eliminate even the most stubborn odors. Whether your own a restaurant or trying to clean the restrooms in your business, Cleanbay Fresh Tablet (1g) is formulated to handle even the most severe odor problems.

The secret lies in Cleanbay’s proprietary formula that maximizes odor-eliminating properties which make Cleanbay has the most effective odor eliminating products on the market. Why do Cleanbay products work so better than other odor eliminators? Our products penetrate odor at the molecular level! Our products attract odor molecules like a magnet to iron. Cleanbay’s products are designed to seek them out and eliminate them. Also, all Cleanbay products are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, do not leave any carbon footprint and are made in the USA.

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  •  EXTRA STRENGTH:- Here At Cleanbay We Have Scientifically Created A Perfect Eco-friendly Extra Strength Odor Eliminator That Is Not Only Effective For Up To A Month But Leaves No Harmful Chemical Residue Afterwards. Giving You A Clean Healthy Environment To Breathe In!!
  •  GREAT FOR BUSINESS:- Our 20g Tablet Is Perfect For Your Business!! Whether You Have A Small or Big Business Our Non-toxic Environmentally Friendly Odor Remover Is Perfect At Eliminating/absorbing Any Urine Or Fecal Odor.
  •  PREVENTS MOISTURE:- Not Only Do Our Deodorizers Get Rid Of Any Nasty Smells But They Are Incredibly Effective At Destroying/reducing/preventing Any Airborne Bacteria/moisture From Forming At A Molecular Level. This Then Prevents Any Mold Or Mildew From Forming Keeping Your House Nice & Healthy!!
  •  WORKS ANYWHERE: Our odor eliminators conveniently work anywhere. Great as an odor eliminator for cars, closets, gym bags, bathrooms, laundry rooms, smelly shoes, & pet litter box areas.