C-Shell Pumps and Accessories

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Generated From Efficiency Since 1978, MDM’s vision has been to manufacture nonmetallic, end-suction pumps. In 1981, MDM acquired Advance Pump Co. primarily for the high-efficiency hydraulic IP designs of their pumps. That included a fairly complete line of cast iron end-suction centrifugal pumps as well as deep-well submersibles. MDM’s goal was to re-engineer the centrifugal lines for use in the Chemical Process Industry (CPI) and other corrosive-handling markets. That was a market that MDM was currently serving with their own non-metallic (thermoplastic) pumps. Advance’s end-suction centrifugal line was then re-engineered to be cast in 316 stainless. Initial production parts were put in the field and performed well. The end came when Goulds Pumps imported stamped stainless pumps at half the price.

MDM then had no choice but to try to lead the way in developing a larger line of non-metallic, end-suction centrifugal pumps. Goulds and Ingersoll-Rand had already developed a complete and larger line of Resin-Transfer Molded (RTM) pumps, but efficiencies were low due to a variety of production limitations. Another type of product in the market were armored pumps consisting of metallic cast pump shells with a non-metallic lining. Due to MDM’s commitment to providing the highest efficiencies and the lowest possible operating costs, MDM decided NOT to pursue making an RTM line of pumps but began developing the very risky and bleeding edge technology of applying bulk-molded compounds (BMC) to making thermoset pumps with smooth surfaces and unmachined surfaces (to net). It took a long time of experimentation but the final result was the BMC product line GENESYS® made to B73lean® specifications.

Pursuit of larger GENESYS® cases continue, but MDM has taken the leap of stepping into the market with their own version of an armored composite shell pump now called “C-Shell.”

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C•Shell 3×2-10 Model

C•Shell 4×3-10 Model 

C•Shell 6×5-11 Model

C•Shell Fluidtrol Strainer

MDM offers a selection of non-metallic Fluidtrol strainers for aquatics, general water and industrial applications. The standard strainers feature a unique seamless cast design that can be customized for C•Shell pump applications requiring integral access ports and FTP stands.

These basket strainers are available in corrosion-resistant plastics such as PVC, CPC, PP and PVDF, as well as fiberglass. All offer greater temperature resistance and chemical compatibility than traditional iron, steel and bronze strainers.