AutoPot Hydrotrays

The AutoPot Hydrotray (Australia) is designed to take a single pot, thus allowing more control over the spacing of the plants. It is ideal for growing larger or deep rooting plants. This green 12" module uses a fitted valve cover to locate the Smart-valve in the tray. These pots are designed to cater to each individual plant because every plant will require a different hydration regime. Water first fills the AutoPot to the max fill line, and once the plant absorbs all of the water then the pot will refill. The AutoPot technology is more efficient, consistent, easy to use, and individually caters to each plant. The AutoPots are great for any hydroponics system, they do not require electricity (can be refilled by gravity) and have zero nutrient runoff. 

 AutoPot also provides a 12V DC diaphragm pump that is a plant-driven pumping system. The additional pump features includes: Powered by either a battery (plus a means to keep the battery charged e.g. solar) or a mains converter/transformer, two part nutrient doses, it can run dry for hours, generates high working pressure, and can deliver nutrient solution up to 20 feet high.

APST- AutoPot Single Tray

APPump- 12V Pump

AutoPot Informational Video



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