Aqualogic Flow Switches

Aqua Logic’s water flow switches are the best way to safe guard your equipment if the pump is mistakenly turned off or fails. Freeze damage to a heat exchanger is not covered by warranties and the resulting water damage that occurs when the unit thaws out, can mean costly repairs or replacement of your chiller.

A UV sterilizer can overheat and electrical components will be irreparably damaged if water flow is cut off. These inexpensive and easy to install water flow switches are great insurance. When water flow stops the switch will automatically turn off the equipment you have it connected to. 

Aqualogic Flow Switches are:

  • Easy to Install
  • For Both Fresh & Salt Water
  • PVC slip sockets
  • Pre-Wired with Cord Ends
  • PVC and Titanium Construction
  • Protect Against No Flow Freeze Damage to in-line chiller
  • Protect UV sterilizer from heat damage if pump fails

Flow Switch 1", 1.5", 2" Instructions

Flow Switch 2", 3" Instructions

Flow Switch 3" Plumbing Information



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