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Aqualogic Delta Star Chiller

Aqualogic's Delta Star titanium, in-lined air cooled chillers are uniquely designed to with a helical coil to help maintain temperatures between 65 to 85°F (18 to 30°C) in tanks small to large. The single stage temperature controller allows you to set the temperature to maintain your desired setting for your system within 1° differential. Ideal for indoor use, but can be used outdoors if installed in an enclosure protected from the direct weather in ambient air temperatures between 55°–90°F.

Part Number

If exposed to air temperatures outside of this range then optional ambient air control packages must be factory installed during the manufacturing of the chiller. All chillers come standard with a black ABS cover and digital electronic controller mounted on a 4’ cable, remote from the chiller unit. A direct immersion titanium sensor probe with a 6’ cable is included with the controller. All chillers require unrestricted air flow thru the condenser and thus must be located in a well-ventilated area. Maximum water pressure for all chillers is 20 psi. Units listed are compatible with 60 Hz current only. 2 year warranty standard, 5 year warranty available upon request.

Lower temperature range 50-65°F (10 to 18°C), split models, and thermal expansions available upon request. 

Delta Star Instructions

Delta Star DS3-DS6

Delta Star DS7-DS10

Delta Star Wiring Instructions (DS3-DS7)

Delta Star Wiring Instructions (DS8-DS10)