Additional Sensaphone Sensors

Sensaphone Sensor Part Numbers

Carbon Dioxide: S-CD

Carbon Monoxide: S-CO

Smoke Detector: S-SD

Power Outage: S-PO

Pressure Sensor: S-PS



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Carbon Monoxide is a highly toxic gas that has no color or odor. The Sensaphone Carbon Monoxide (S-CO) sensor will allow you to monitor CO levels from 0-300 ppm with any Sensaphone that will accept a 4-20mA input signal. The sensor will require a 24VDC power supply to operate.

The Smoke Detector (S-SD) with battery backup and built-in relay utilizes a photoelectric sensing method and is designed for use in commercial and residential applications. The device requires hard-wired 120VAC 60Hz power. The detector features two sets of dry alarm contacts and the capability of allowing up to 6 devices to be connected together. A 90dBA audible horn is included. The smoke detector can be used with all Sensaphone models. A smoke detector with 220V power is also available, please call for ordering (does not include battery backup).

This power outage sensor (S-PO) is a compact power outage monitoring device to detect power failures. Simply plug the sensor into any 110 VAC receptacle outlet for operation. When a power failure is detected, the sensor will send a signal to the Sensaphone, which can be programmed to send an alarm. Works with all Sensaphone products. Comes with 15 feet of wire.

The Sensaphone 4-20mA Type Pressure Sensors (S-PS) can be used to measure and detect loss of pressure in many applications such as steam boilers and discharge lines on HVAC equipment. An alarm from the pressure sensor can indicate a problem with a pump, a possible clogged influent line, loss of suction, a downstream clog or perhaps a burst pipe. This sensor can come in 0-200 PSI or 0-1000 PSI (call for 1000 PSI option).

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