Design & Integration - Aquatic Projects

Review Project Needs


Our first step to any project to have a discussion session.  In this phase, we talk through the goals or the project and any challenges that we foresee.  Common challenges are overcoming space limitations, with our decades of experience we are able to navigate challenges with proven solutions.  Every challenge has a solution.  PS, we like a good challenge. 


Project Design



This is the fun part! Our design team will put their heads together to develop the best solution to meet the needs of the project.  No two designs are alike in their build, this is where experience is really put to test. 


Retrofit Equipment and Products


Nearly every build has a retrofit challenge.  The benefit of having Aquatic Equipment & Design as your partner is that we've "been there done that".  It's not very often that we run into a retrofit project that has parts and equipment that we haven't seen before.  Having this knowledge and history in the aquatic industry truly makes us a leader in our craft. 


Installation of the Project


Often our team is onsite with our customers every step of the way.  Our availability to come to our customers has proven to be a benefit to the installation of the projects.  We can prepare a skid at our warehouse and ship it to you ready to go or we can bring it to you and install it on site.  We are your partner every step of the build. 


No two aquatic builds are alike.  Let us be your partner in your next project!