YSI Chlorine 3017M DPD


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The YSI 3017M DPD chlorine analyzer allows you to continuously measure chlorine in various aquatic applications. The 3017M is able to detect low amounts of chlorine, which will help prevent undue stress on you aquatic life. The 3017M has two different programmable methods to alert you if chlorine levels become dangerous. and they also can connect to a PLC to automate and control the dosing process. 

  • Accurate and reliable- Using the DPD colorimetric method, the 3017M can provide highly accurate and reliable data to allow for increased control in your system.
  • Low maintenance- The 3017M uses a flow injection analysis, which has simplified tubing and little reagent use to reduce the frequency of maintenance on the instrument. 
  • Factory calibrated- Diminishes the need for continuous calibration



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