TMC Fluid Sand Tower FST5200A/P Bio Filter

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Fluid Sand Towers (FST’s) utilize the most efficient method of aerobic biological filtration available and thereby occupy a very small footprint.                                           

  • Biosystems FST’s fluidize uniformly and quickly due to a specially designed sand diffuser bowl, used in conjunction with the carefully graded filter media.
  • Includes a unique anti-siphon device which guarantees that in the event of a power/flow interruption, no media will back-siphon into the supply pipework.
  • Lower section manufactured from impact resistant Polypropylene, and the top section from clear acrylic to enable easy determination of the operating run level.                                                         
  • All units come complete with supply pipe work, oolitic sand, replaceable sand diffuser bowl and top-flow sight glass.
  • It is advisable to discharge the outlet flow from the FST into a Re-Gas/ Bio-Tower.