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Aqualogic Cyclone Drop-in Chillers

Aqualogic Cyclone drop-in air cooled chillers are great for closed or high organic systems needing to maintain temperatures between 65-85°F (18 to 30°C) or 50-65°F (10 to 18°C). The chiller needs to be close enough to the tank to drop the titanium coil in the water. As water circulates around the coil, your tank will cool to the set temperature; please note that water circulation past the coil is required. 

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If there is no circulation, place an air diffuser under or attach to the chiller coil. Single stage controller maintains temperature within 1° differential. The unit is made of black ABS plastic cover and a remote digital electronic controller which displays temperature, set point in either °F (±1°) or °C, mounted in a NEMA enclosure. All chilled water coil systems will be factory set to operate most efficiently at your specified cooling temperature. You must specify at time of order. Designed for indoor use with unrestricted air flow only. Uses ozone friendly 134A refrigerant. 2 year warranty standard, 5 year warranty available upon request.

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