Advance Pumps and Accessories

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The Advance® design provides evenly balanced delivery of flow and pressure.

  • Resin options enable this strong, durable, versatile unit to cover a broad range of fluid applications.
  • The patented Impenatra® Seal properly handles challenging applications at a fraction of the cost of exotic alloys, by preventing fluids contact with metal parts.
  • Ideal hydraulic coverage allows the Advance® design to meet requirements where larger pumps are typically specified.

 Advance 1000 - 2 Pole Manufacturer Specifications

 Advance 1000 - 4 Pole Manufacturer Specifications

 Advance 3000 - 2 Pole Manufacturer Specifications

 Advance 3000 - 4 Pole Manufacturer Specifications

 Advance 4000 - 2 Pole Manufacturer Specifications

 Advance 4000 - 4 Pole Manufacturer Specifications

Advanced PurFlo Strainer 500 Cubic Inches

Our heavy duty PurFlo strainer comes in a standard one-high unit with a clear or gray PVC body and a basket made of stainless steel or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The standard port dimension is 2” with a female thread. With PurFlo you can expect higher quality modeling processing, finer materials, and excellent performance.