Education System - Aquaculture & Hydroponics

This system is ideal for small footprints and has been designed as a turn-key unit for the fish farm enthusiast or education specialist. The system offers the opportunity to support a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum that includes a wide range of subjects, including aquatic science, math, engineering, chemistry, horticulture, and more. It is a natural fit for STEM education and experimental learning.


• 300 gallons total (fish tank + filters)

• System uses less than 1.5% of its volume daily

• Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) grating platform and adjustable pedestals for support

• 100 pounds of coolwater or warmwater fish production annually

• Treats up to one-pound daily of a 40% protein, commercial fish diet

• Simple and effective filter pads for solids filtration

• Biofiltration media provides over 250 ft²/ft³ of surface area for nitrifying bacteria

• Water is circulated using gravity flow and simple airlift pumps

• Freshwater and saltwater compatible


• 33 gallons total

• 3’x3’ quick assembly table and tray

• Light hanger

• 100 heads of leafy greens annually

• A variety of lighting can be used

This system's robustness includes industry leading components and technology. It eliminates design issues for the user and allows a focus on production and education. Contact AED regarding heater, UV, and water quality test kit options or air pump repair kits.

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