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YSI PRO Plus, Instrument, Cables & Kits

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Professional Plus


The YSI Professional Plus is not a refinement. It came straight out of the imagination of our customers... and the ingenuity of a multi-disciplined team dedicated to making the ideal solution come to life. Our focus never wavered because listening to our customers is a continuous process, and the heart and soul of our commitment. Designed to be tough and smart in the lab or field. And extremely versatile. The Pro Plus accommodates any combination of YSI Pro Series cables, sensors, and accessories. Want to measure DO in the field? Maybe pH/DO/Nitrate? Or perhaps you need it to be a lab instrument that measures BODs? Whatever you need...the Pro Plus is your choice. YSI Pro Plus. The ultimate handheld sampling instrument.

  • Rugged, durable field cable with a 2-year warranty standard
  • Backlit display AND keypad for use in true low-light conditions
  • The file system allows for a 100 folder and site list structure to store and easily manage 5,000 data sets
  • Adjustable right- or left-handed hand strap
  • Detailed on-screen Help function
  • Case is rubber over-molded to provide extra protection and prevent slipping; also allows for flat non-slip design on a table top and provides an IP-67 rating with or without the battery cover; 1-meter drop rated from all angles
  • MS (military-spec) connectors – rugged, waterproof, keyed, bayonet style quarter-turn lock
  • Multiple user-replaceable sensor options and a choice of galvanic or polarographic DO sensors

Do your job with confidence even in the harshest field conditions. The drop-tested Pro Plus was designed tough with military-spec connectors, a two-year warranty on all cables, weighted sensor guards, and a rubber over-molded case with three-year warranty. Its interchangeable sensors and extra-durable cables nearly eliminate downtime. And its low overall cost of ownership means you’re making a worthwhile investment for years to come.

How Tough is TOUGH?

What a Come-back A YSI customer accidentally dropped his Pro Plus off a 40-foot bridge into the river below. A week later, he and his team came back. Using a long pole to scrape the river bottom, they found the cable and then the meter. They were amazed to find that — after a week submerged in a muddy river bed — their Pro Plus still worked. Not All is Lost A YSI wastewater customer knocked a Pro Plus into an aeration basin. Seemingly lost for good, he reluctantly moved on. One year later, the tank was drained to complete minor maintenance. And there lay the meter. After a bit of cleaning, they turned it on. Not only did it work, but it’s still being used today. 

  • Easy-to-install cable weights; can be daisy-chained for additional weight Rubber, over-molded IP-67 waterproof case (even without battery cover)
  • 3-year instrument warranty 2-year cable warranty Rugged cables, sensors, and military-spec connectors
  • Drop-tested 1 meter at all angles Scratch-resistant lens; viewable with polarized glasses Instrument floats
  • Weighted, user-replaceable multi-sensor design


The technology-smart YSI Pro Plus has all the built-in support you’ll need for the lab or field. It provides multiple languages, detailed GLP (calibration) data, on-screen Help to eliminate the need for a bulky manual, sensor diagnostics, up to six-point auto-buffer recognition, re-cal prompts, user-defined auto-stable function, and security passwords for extra protection. And much more.

FREE Data Manager Software 

  • Easy-to-use software to manage all your data studies
  • View, print and export graphical and tabular data
  • View and print GLP (calibration) data
  • Quickly configure one or multiple instruments
  • Conduct real-time studies

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