Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Leaving no measurable residual (no rinse), DEL Ozone systems provide a non-corrosive solution for continuous or on-demand sanitation. They are designed as totally integrated systems, providing a synergistic approach to water or surface sanitation in multiple commercial and industrial applications while giving facility operators a simple, automated, low-maintenance system. DEL Ozone generators are built to UL standards and are NSF validated for antimicrobial efficacy and safety.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant that can safely be used in multiple industrial and commercial applications. It destroys all organic molecules, renders dissolved metals insoluble and oxidizes inorganic contaminants. Ozone is an EPA-approved antimicrobial and listed as safe for discharge into surface and groundwater, FDA approved as an antimicrobial food additive and USDA approved as an antimicrobial organic food additive.

With a relative sanitizing strength of 1 PPM aqueous ozone to 200 PPM chlorine, ozone is safe for all surfaces (excluding natural latex rubber).

Standard Features

• Integrated safety management system

• Oxygen flow meter

• Complete ozone isolation during shutdown

• Automatic feed-gas flow control to maintain proper operational set-points

• Dry contacts for remote ambient ozone monitor shutdown and user interlock

• Powder-coated steel enclosure designed to NEMA-12 specifications

• Fault protection for:

• Door open

• Feed gas pressure failure

• Vacuum loss

• Overheating

• Water backflow

• Current overdraw

• Over-pressurizing of oxygen concentrator




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