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Bag Filter

Provides Excellent Filtration

This reasonably priced FSI Bag Filter Vessel is designed to allow high flow rates through a single reusable bag filter. It is rated at 75 gpm for clean water. (For particulate laden water and/or to extend time between cleaning, we recommend a design flow rate below 40 gpm.) For higher flows, use two or more in parallel. To further extend time between cleaning, place a larger micron filter before a smaller micron filter in series. The vessel is made of polypropylene with a threaded lid, O-ring and removable internal basket for easy bag removal. This vessel has 2” FNPT inlet and outlet and 1/4” FNPT lid vent. Optional pressure gauges for lid vent are listed below.

This Filter Vessel is only compatible with the bags listed below. Bags are 6” dia. x 20” length with 2 ft² of surface area. They are fitted with a ‘

“Polyloc Ring”, which seals directly against the filter housing, eliminating any chance of bypass. Vessels include housing, lid, retainer basket, and 2 plastic leg/foot assemblies easily cut to your required height. Maximum pressure is 100 PSI @ 110°F. Shipping weight is 10 pounds. Made in USA. One-year warranty.

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Durable and Consistent Performance

FSI Filter bag vessels are designed for consistent and efficient filtration. They are low maintenance, easy to clean and manufactured by an ISO 9002 manufacturer. Large bag vessels feature single gasket sealing, permanent piping, and heavy-duty perforated baskets. An easy open lid option greatly reduces change out time and is an innovative alternative to opening and closing filter vessels.

Housings are available in carbon steel, 304 SS and 316 SS. Other housing options are also available. Sizes listed are for standard FSP models, larger sizes available. Call for pricing

FSI filter vessels can be used with either a filter bag or a filter cartridge, allowing choice of a filter media that precisely fits your needs. Filter bags feature a “Polyloc snap-fit” bag seal that creates a hermetic seal within a filter housing to prevent liquid bypass. They provide outstanding performance, twice the dirt handling capacity as a standard felt bag, and a no-bypass welded seam design. Bags are available in polypropylene, polyester, and nylon materials.

The following vessels are available: 90 gpm, 1 bag, 2” inlet/outlet: 200 gpm, 1 bag, 2” inlet/outlet: 400 gpm, 2 bags, 3”–4” inlet/outlet; 600 gpm, 3 bags, 3”–6” inlet/outlet; 800 gpm, 4 bags, 4”–6” inlet/outlet; 1000 gpm, 5 bags, 4”–8” inlet/outlet; 1600 gpm, 8 bags, 8”–10” inlet/outlet.


Designed exclusively for the FV1 Bag Filter

This gauge is offered to supplement pressure gauges used on our FV1 bag filter. It mounts on the bag vessel on the mounting pad located on the opposite side of the inlet port. The gauge indicates when the filters is clean or when the bag needs cleaning. Requires a 3/16” drill to finish portholes, use only screws provided. Available in two models: small gauge provides visual indication of cleaning at 6–8 PSI, large gauge provides visual indication of cleaning at 15–20 PSI.