TMC Trickle Bio-Tower TBT5300P

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Polypropylene / U-PVC construction.
Effective biological filtration.
Reoxygenates water and removes super-saturated gases simultaneously.
May be used as an evaporative cooling tower.
Side wall flow deflector rings prevent media bypass.
Continuously rotating spray bar.


• TMC Trickle Bio-Towers are versatile trickle towers which have a variety of uses.

• Designed to be operated with the supplied media  un-immersed for maximum efficiency.

• The high quality 1” TMC Bio-rings included with this unit provide a high surface area for nitrifying bacteria to grow on, for the effective removal of ammonia and nitrite.

• Water trickling from the top of the unit via the included rotating spray bar will be re-oxygenated by the air drawn into the column. Super-saturated gases held in solution, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, will be removed at the same time.

• All materials used in the production of TMC´s Bio-Towers are from virgin non toxic plastics.

• All TMC Trickle Bio-Towers feature our unique, flexible double o-ring boss system for easy service and the simple removal and replacement of pipeworkand components.

• Specially designed flow deflector rings are included with TMC Trickle Bio-Tower to prevent water flow channelling down the sides of the filters.

• Rotating spray bar with glass and teflon bearing.