TMC System 1000 Marine

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A complete, compact, plug and play recirculation
filtration system (RAS) available in both saltwater
and freshwater formats. Ideally suited for research
facilities,retail shops, as well as small public aquaria
displays and quarantine systems.
• Small space saving design, suitable for under tank
installation (ideal for research facilities requiring multiple
replicates, or retail shop fish racks and coral tables).
• Incorporates mechanical and biological filtration, as well
as a commercial UV steriliser.
• Saltwater version uses a REEF-Skim Pro, with a variable
flow low energy DC pump to enable optimum tuning of
skimmer performance.
• Water flow to the livestock tanks supplied via a double
pass UV for effective sterilisation.
• Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, PVC and
acrylic components, suitable for marine environments.
• Simple assembly without the need for any specialist tools.
• Manufactured in the UK. Included
• 250 litre pallet reservoir.
• Mechanical Bag Filter unit. Supplied with 200 micron bags.
• REEF-Pump 2000 DC Pump.
• REEF-Filter Bio 1500.
• Re-gassing /Trickle bio-tower complete with 1” TMC Bio-rings.
• REEF-Skim PRO 1500 DC
(salwater version only).
• TMC Commercial UV Steriliser P2-110W.
Available separately
• Livestock supply pump
• Ozone generator
• Heater
• Pipe and fittings