sera Flore Co2 Active Reactor 500 / 1000

The new generation of CO2 reactors

The sera flore CO2 active reactor is integrated into an existing water circuit (e.g. external filter), or it can alternatively be operated with a pump. The rotors en- sure strong blending of CO2 with the aquarium water, allowing to dissolve several hundred CO2 bubbles per minute. The holder included with the kit allows attach- ing the reactor inside or outside the aquarium (e.g. in the cabinet), depending on the existing installation. The material color (smoky gray) is effective against algae settlement. Easy to clean.

• sera flore CO2 active reactor 500 (up to 500 bubbles

CO2/min): for aquariums ranging from 66 US gal.

(250 liters) up to 159 US gal. (600 liters)
• sera flore CO
2 active reactor 1000 (up to 1,000 bubbles CO2/min): for aquariums above 159 US gal. (600 liters) and densely planted aquariums



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