Heat Exchanger

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•  Design and robust construction.

•  Unrivalled heat transfer surface area.

•  Featuring a densely packed tubular bundle in a thermally insulated primary chamber.

•  Provides superb heat transfer efficiency and minimal energy loss.

• The shell is constructed from BS 316L stainless steel (EN 1.4432) and enclosed by a rigid thermal casing for enhanced insulation of the primary water flow, ensuring maximum efficiency.

• It has been designed to allow the installation engineer to select which way to plumb the primary and secondary water to achieve maximum thermal gain.

• 2 x 1” male/male brass primary connections.

• 1 x 1” non-return valve.

• Titanium thermostat pocket.


Elecro 30-kW G2 Titanium 

Elecro 49kW G2 Titanium Heat Exchanger

Elecro 122-kW G2 Titanium Heat Exchanger